Jungle Warwick

Jungling is a somewhat more advanced strategy that every League player will encounter at least once every few games; therefore, even if you are not interested in a jungling guide, consider it a jungling road map, and have fun killing them. Junglers are very meticulous about which order they kill the creeps, so a "good" jungler is actually usually a predictable one.


The reason for jungling is to increase EXP rate and gold for an ally who has the potential to "solo" a lane, meanwhile increasing your ganking opportunities because you aren't continuously seen in lane.

This is the basic information and storyline of Warwick direct from the official League website.
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Warwick is considered by many to be the easiest and one of the fastest junglers to clear the early game targets, making him extremely dangerous early game, and once he gets his ultimate, even more so.


I recommend 9 attack speed in reds, 9 flat armor in yellows, and 9 flat magic resist in blues. This is the standard offense based jungling rune set as they all drastically improve your starting stats, allowing you to take further advantage of your ability to gank and kill early game. It's understandable that if you have not reached summoner level 30 yet, you will most likely NOT have enough to attain these runes as they should definitely not be the first ones you buy. In such a case, such runes such as penetration in reds, dodge in yellows, and more attack speed blues (keep in mind, they will be secondary) are acceptable, just not as efficient. Purple quintessences can be chosen at your discretion, but it is advised that you stack 3 flat hp runes to, as mentioned before, help out your early game. Offensive purples such as penetration/attack speed, or movement speed are sometimes acceptable.


This is really up for grabs, as I've seen some people try to combine the physical and magic damage improving masteries in offense, and really weird things like points in defense, or focused utility.
My personal choice is a 21/0/9 build taking only the physical damage boosting masteries in offense, making sure to get improved Smite. In utility, you should usually add improved Ghost or Teleport depending on your preference on summoner spells, with improved EXP gain, and lastly of course, 1 in improved neutral buff duration for obvious reasons. This is just what I use; like I've said, I've seen so many that generally most anything will work as long as you have the rune support.

Summoner Spells:

It is easily possible to jungle with Warwick without using Smite, but this is definitely not recommended. There are many problems that ensue such as decreased EXP gain rate, and if the enemy team has a jungler, you will totally be screwed. Other than Smite, I feel the other should always be either Ghost or Teleport, but some people prefer Flash. It's alright... but doesn't actually help his role on the team.

That being said, Warwick jungles... There is no other decent application for Warwick that doesn't include jungling. If you plan on picking him up, KNOW that you will jungle with him; please don't show up in lane thinking that you will be helpful what so ever until you reach 6, but by then your team should be angry enough at you.

Potential Starting Items:

(Cloth Armor) + hp potions
(Cloth Armor) + sight ward + 1 hp potion
(Long Sword) + 1 hp potion

The first option is the most commonly used, and is really the only starting item set you can buy to be successful if you are not a level 30 summoner and lack runes and masteries. This is somewhat less efficient than other options and is considered to be the "selfish route," as it's not exactly the fastest method, and clearly only benefits yourself.

More seasoned junglers should instead use the last 2 options, as the sight ward adds more safety for not only you, but also your team. The long sword increases your jungling rate, and improves the speed and effectiveness of your level 3 gank. Always choose the sight ward option when there seems to be an enemy jungler. They will try to do some sneaky things, and you can easily make it a waste of their time.

Given the above recommended rune set/masteries, you should be perfectly fine using these items to start off.

Now to the actual game:

Often times, the enemy team will congregate near your blue golem before the minions have even started coming out yet for the purpose of ganking you at level 1 with everything they've got.

The problem here... Is that it will work.

The lines I have made show what they will try to do, and/or how to kill him if you're on that side... ahem

Of course there are counter measures to this. As long as you are matched with friends or decent queue players, the middle lane and side lane of the blue golem buff should do this. if you have a ward, also place it, especially when your team can't do the above due to laziness or being bad.

Now assuming you are safe up until the 1:55 mark, immediately start attacking the golem, activating an hp potion on the first return hit. I prefer to use Hungering Strike, otherwise known as your Q, repeatedly everytime the cooldown is up (you should get a few in before it dies) because you will get all your mana back anyways because of the buff. Some people prefer to use Hunters Call, but it's just not my preference. Your skill points should be used to max Q first, and by level 4 you should have the following:

2 Hungering Strike
1 Hunters Call
1 Blood Scent

Feel free to deviate from this, but the one thing you need to keep in mind is that by level 4, you need to be prepared to gank and kill, so have the skills necessary.

Here are some lines I drew to show the order and route of you should be taking:

Some DO's and DON'Ts:
  • DO base when you are unsure whether or not you can survive the next jungle camp, an unexpected base trip is a setback, but not a game ruining one. Dying to buff camps; however, is.
  • DO leave the base as fast as you can to scout your position, wait too long and the enemy team will have enough time to make it to your golem camp before you, and kill you.
  • DO always buy Madred's Razors first, even before boots, even before anything. It's not expensive and the speed at which you can clear the jungle greatly improves.
  • DO kill the dragon for your team when allowed, be careful to engage it when you know the enemy team has little chance of intercepting it.
  • DO buy the freaking wards for your team, you're the one that needs it most, not them. Besides, most random players don't buy them at all, and even when playing with friends, they would prefer if you did it.
  • DO use Smite to FINISH buff camps, a lot of people believe it doesn't matter, and use it first. A lot of people also get their buffs stolen... hmmm.
  • DON'T force a gank that's not there. Yes, you should be ganking very often, but when you force a bad situation, you risk the possibility of feeding the fight to them and all that work to set it up was for nothing.
  • DON'T enter their side of the jungle if they've got a jungler as well, there are many exceptions to this, but the one common reason is simple - be prepared. Have team mates ready to help, or wards up.
  • DON'T stay in lane for extended periods of time, even when you are behind and need to catch up. It's annoying and makes your team mate under-leveled as well.
You are the FOUNDATION of your WHOLE TEAM early game. You should be all over the place, putting pressure on the entire map. Even when your jungling phase is over, a crying enemy team will dedicate useless amounts of gold on wards. (and it's funny to see them blame each other :D)
You don't NEED to kill if it's a risk. Take the following situation for example: You gank mid, but your gank fails, but obviously they are required to base now, and that takes precious time. When they come back, your mid should be a higher level and have more gold advantage.

Level 3-4:
  • Depending on how many camps you have killed, and the speed of which you've cleared them, you should be around 1 level higher when you finish your first round of the jungle.
  • Let your team mates on your RED buff side of your map know you are coming and they should loosen up on the pressure and pushing, making your ganking potential a lot better.
  • Approach the lane from the "river," a gank from behind is so much better than a gank from the front. You can chase them head on, but they can flee too.
  • As you enter the fray, make sure to turn your Blood Scent on.
  • Very "pro" timing of Hungering Strikes can fool them into committing to kill you, while you draw them out, heal yourself, and team mates take care of the rest.
  • If the opportunity isn't there, it's simply not there, as said before, don't force it.
  • After the gank attempt, you can either base, or enter the adjacent side of your jungle and into theirs, as long as they don't have a jungler.
This is one of the main reasons why I prefer Ghost to Flash and Exhaust. A combination of the increased damage output and SLOW of the red buff, in conjunction with your SPEED gain from Ghost and Blood Scent, and your early game RUNE advantage, well... Yeah, you get the point.

Alternatively, it is a good idea to use Teleport if you want as well. It allows you to gank the blue golem side of the map instead of solely the red lizard side, making you a bit more versatile.
  • Tip: If you were nice, and bought wards for your team, place them where you can quickly teleport to them to gank ALL the lanes!
You know how funny it is when they are smacking your tower, and an Ashe arrow comes sailing in all the way from your base? Pretty funny, but it's roll on the floor laughing hilarious when it's backed up by you teleporting into a mid placed ward behind them to finish them off. That's just an example, but use your imagination.

Item build up:

These second
A few of these should be on hand early game

Hp potions are used to increase your durability in the jungle, but a much better use is to pop one every time you go for the early game ganks, even if you don't seem to "need one." It gives you more effective hp by consistently healing yourself while in the fight.

Pack a few sight wards if you have the money for it for obvious reasons.

Boots options:


Buy the ones you need based on whether you need attack speed or movement speed. Some people buy Sorcerer's Shoes... Yeah, don't do that.

Why Bloodrazor's are better than Wriggle's Lantern:


Warwick isn't known for his damage output outside of early game, so to supplement this, 4% health damage is always helpful. On the other hand, Wriggle's Lantern adds not so useful stats, and the active is NOT GOOD. The "free wards" people assume will save them money actually hinders you. They do not last as long as regular sight wards, meaning you will have to spend significantly more travel time to replace them. That time could be used to kill an extra 4 minions that awards a longer lasting ward. Besides, which option sounds like it gives you more gold this way?

Finished items:

Start building this first, finish when you can
First finished item
First finished item
(Bloodthirster) 4th, 5th, or last item
(Frozen Mallet) 3rd, 4th, or 5th item
(Banshee Veil) 4th, 5th, or last item
Your last item choice:
To build:
(Black Cleaver)
Or another Bloodthirster

(Starks Fervor) explanation below
  • The Bloodthirster should be attained late in my opinion because to feed the passive that increases damage, you need other items to be able to kill creeps faster to get that damage. Also, metagame is when you're most likely to die, thereby losing all bonuses.
  • Frozen Mallet can make you a lot tougher to kill, and when paired with your Blood Scent, it allows you to continually deal attack damage and increase timing for team mates to react.
  • If your ultimate is being cancelled out, pick up a Banshee Veil to make sure it's uninterrupted.
  • Starks Fervor is situational, but works well with Warwick because the passive aura of increased attack speed STACKS with your Hunters Call skill which also gives team mates attack speed.

The game after the jungling phase:

Around when both teams begin to move around for kills at around levels 11+, the jungling phase is technically over. This doesn't mean you don't get to return to it, it just means it's no longer your priority, your team is.

Warwick specializes in 2 on 1 scenarios because he has no AoE damage spells, but very strong potential to lock down single targets while supplementing your allies niche already. In team fights, this doesn't mean you can't be useful. Use your Infinite Duress ultimate wisely to hold enemy carries down, or AP casters that are nuking the shiz out of your team. Team champions with skill shot spells are almost always guaranteed to land this way. You can also use your Infinite Duress on low hp to kite enemies because it heals lifesteals a lot more than you think. The cooldown for this ultimate is not bad at all, so "saving" it's use is really bad. Warwick is all about consistency, and your performance is largely based on how often you gank, which SHOULD be every time that ultimate is up. Wait until other AD champions on your team catch up to activate Hunters Call in team fights, when stacked with Starks Fervor it makes them overpowered as hell, especially on carries that can now 3-4 critical hit kill you such as Master Yi or Tryndamere who should be carrying cleanse anyways.

Just max Hungering Strike first, while taking your ultimate at level 6/11/16. Hunters Call and Blood Scent are largely dependent on the team you are facing, and you should add points based on the situation.

Well I feel that's all you need to know, hope this guide helped.