Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm not dead guys, just been busy lately.

Hey everyone, sorry I've been late with everything, and haven't been too active lately on the blogs. Attended an anime convention, and totally destroyed my right arm at the rave; it's honestly a really annoying and painful minor injury that hasn't gone away in over a week, but I'm back and not dead, and will continue where I left off. It probably wasn't a good idea, but getting claps is so motivating, it almost made it worth it! Almost... Among other things, I'm in the middle of a move also, so things will definitely speed up once I'm settled in. It's just good to be back, and be able to check out all the interesting blogs again ~wink~, and also just wanted to say thanks to all my loyal followers.

On the agenda is the Jungling Warwick guide I promised, (will be up by tomorrow morning) and hopefully I can also speedily release both an AD Master Yi guide, and an AP Master Yi guide too, and I mean soon.


  1. Sounds you have a lot going for you atm... looking forward to the guides

  2. I want that WW jungling guide, Do you have experience on Xin's Jungling? i need help with that