Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What do you think of the changes?

Personally, I feel like Riot is making the champions more and more "do the same thing" types, except with some archetype involved. Either way, I do feel it balances the game more, despite losing some of the unique aspect that we're already accustomed to.

Fairly old news, but more interested in your current opinions.

Also, an art spotlight for Rumble, the up and coming new champion. Kind of boring, but has information none the less.

Stick to the regular champion spotlights. =_=

And finally, how did you guys spend your free RP?


  1. Followed simply because I LOL as well. Add Gitanjali if you're looking for a game.

  2. In my opinion, its good to have new champs, but new champs means new balances to do, hope the riot team is fresh and ready to deal with the new problems they could bring

  3. Balancing is always so difficult, it seems the easiest way to go about it (based how balancing is always done) is to simplify things by removing the differences. It would be great to have really complex games but the testing for balancing would take years.

  4. I'm going to have to say I like DotA more still. LoL still feels too casual(not that I've played it a ton level 14ish). Are any of you going to be switching to Dota 2?

  5. well,i guess riot is doing hella job,and yea they're somehow copy/pasting the champions in a unique skins and stuff lol,i still have the RP i guess i'll be holding em tight till farther notice ;)

  6. Im holding my RP nice and tight as there is nothing I can afford that I haven't already unlocked with IP.